Heirlooms Reunited

I feel very sad when I stumble across heirlooms, memorabilia and documents that have become separated from their families: I hope that through this page some will find their way back ....

If you have something you would like to offer to 'home' via this page, then feel free to email the details to me and it will be added in at the next update. 

  • bibles; photographs; deeds; medals and anything else that can be associated or identified with a particular family name
  • unwanted certificates


A WW1 Wireless Operators Puzzle

Did you have an ancestor in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Wireless Detatchment, whose surname began with 'W' ? If so he could be in this postcard photograph, with his signature on the reverse! E-mail me if you think you spot a link. I think the names may be: WARD, WILEY, WILLIAMS, WILDSMITH, WARTON or WESTON, WESTROM, WILDING. I also have a scroll photograph of the whole 1915 Wireless Detachment if you don't find your ancestor here.

My father was in this unit - although strangely isn't in this picture - so it was great to make contact with a possible descendent of one of these soldiers recently. An e-mail from Australia tells me that the cheeky grin top right may belong to B F Wilesmith. Sadly the informant couldn't be drawn on his relationship or any further information on the unit, so I am no further on with my own research. Ho hum!


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